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The Treasure Hunters' Den
Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

the treasure hunters den counted cross stitch pattern

“I know it’s out there!”

“But where Alexander? Where?”

Lawrence paced before the fireplace only to stop before the globe. He reached out and spun it violently. “There’s an entire world and we have but a small portion of a map!”

The brothers rarely fought or showed any emotional outbursts, it was not their way. But the day Alexander brought home the weathered and beaten treasure map, they seemed to be at odds with one another.

Alexander pushed the chair away from the table and came to his brother’s side. He firmly grasped his shoulder and gave it a quick shake.

“This is the age of exploration brother. We have gathered maps from the most seasoned cartographers. We have our library full of knowledge. We ourselves are explorers. We’ve travelled more than most of our colleagues. If anyone can piece together this treasure hunt, it is the two of us. Never doubt that for a second Lawrence.”

Lawrence reached back and clasped his brother’s hand. “You are right. But we will not find what we seek just standing here warming our behinds.”

Alexander smiled widely. “Then back to our books and our lore and our maps brother! Treasure awaits us!”

Let this incredible scene of the treasure hunters’ den counted cross stitch pattern delight you not just in the stitching of it, but also in the stories behind it!

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Pattern Information:

DMC colors:

• 27 colors have less than or exactly 20 stitches
• 40 colors have between 21 and 50 stitches
• 12 colors have between 51 and 100 stitches
• 12 colors have between 101 and 200 stitches
• 12 colors have between 201 and 500 stitches
• 14 colors have between 501 and 1000 stitches
• 11 colors have between 1001 and 2000 stitches
• 14 colors have over 2001 stitches

Pattern Stitch Counts:
288 stitches (W) X 298 stitches (H)

Design size:

  • 11 count: 26.2" (W) X 27.1" (H)
  • 14 count: 20.6" (W) X 21.3" (H)
  • 18 count: 16.0" (W) X 16.6" (H)

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