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Marzipan Ballerina
Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

“Marzipan is one of the shepherdesses…"

“But there’s no sheep on stage Mommy.”

You turn to look at your little girl. You watch as she tries to imitate the arm movements of the ballerinas on the stage much to the irritation of the woman sitting on the other side of her.

The woman glares angrily at you. You smile widely back, confusing her. She opens her mouth and you’re sure of what she will say when your daughter’s voice pipes in again.

“That’s going to be me one day when I’m bigger.”

Without breaking eye contact with the woman, you respond to your little girl. “Baby, you can be anything you want to be. Just let your imagination soar and never give up on your dreams.”

And just like that, your little girl turns to the woman and lays her hand on her wrinkled arm. “I’m going to be a ballerina.” And she smiles widely at the old woman. “Were you a ballerina when you were younger? You’re skinny like them. Pretty too.”

The woman’s mouth snaps shut as she gazes down into your little girl’s youthful face and she’s drawn deeply into those beautiful blue eyes, just like they draw you in every time you look at her. And in that moment, the old woman smiles and there you see the hint of beauty she must have had in her youth.

“No. I wasn’t. But I wanted to be when I was your age. I love the Nutcracker.”

“Oh. So which dream did you follow?”

And before you know it, your little girl has a new friend to talk to about dreams and the Nutcracker and ballet. And soon, she’s holding your hand and her new friend’s and the three of you are swaying in time to the music.

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Pattern Information:

DMC colors:

• 15 colors have less than or exactly 20 stitches
• 21 colors have between 21 and 50 stitches
• 29 colors have between 51 and 100 stitches
• 24 colors have between 101 and 200 stitches
• 15 colors have between 201 and 500 stitches
• 6 colors have between 501 and 1000 stitches
• 10 colors have over 1001 stitches

Pattern Stitch Counts:
143 stitches (W) X 238 stitches (H)

Design size:

  • 11 count: 12.9" (W) X 21.5" (H)
  • 14 count: 10.1" (W) X 16.6" (H)
  • 18 count: 7.9" (W) X 13.2" (H)

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