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Mushroom Patch
Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

Deep in the forest, there lies a magical space - one that few on this earth get to see.

Fewer still get to call this warm, dark place home.

These darling little mushrooms live free and grow strong in their home and in their companionship.

And when the autumn comes, they shine in all their colorful glory, beckoning everyone with their lively shades and pleasing shapes.

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Pattern Information:

DMC colors:

• 42 colors have less than 50 stitches
• 34 colors have between 51 and 100 stitches
• 40 colors have between 101 and 200 stitches
• 23 colors have between 201 and 500 stitches
• 3 colors have between 501 and 1000 stitches
• 2 colors have over 1000 stitches

Pattern Stitch Count:
179 stitches (W) X 120 stitches (H)

Design size:

  • 11 count: 16.2" (W) X 10.9" (H)
  • 14 count: 12.7" (W) X 8.6" (H)
  • 18 count: 9.9" (W) X 6.7" (H)

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