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Cute Little Brown Owl
Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

"Mommy...there's an owl outside in the tree."

You walk up to the window and look at where your little daughter is pointing up in the branches outside her bedroom window. You smile as you smooth down her unruly hair as you both watch the owl.

"So there is little one."


You smile. While others dislike the continuous whys of toddlers, you love it. The inquistiveness and thirst for knowledge in your little girl fuels you to have the same traits even at your age.

"That wise old owl is here to watch over you and keep you safe."

She looks up at you with that cute little face of disbelief and you let out a laugh. "Very well. He's waiting for you to turn off the light so the darkness is complete and he can hunt down his dinner. Owls hunt at night."

"Oh. He should get his dinner. Mommy you can you turn off the light."

"Off to bed my love. You need your sleep as much as he needs his dinner."

"Will he come back tomorrow?"

You tuck her into her bed and kiss her forehead. "That I don't know. What I do know is that we can hope he will be back and we can keep our eyes open for our nocturnal friend."

"OK Mommy. I hope he comes back. I like him."

"Me too baby." You turn off her light and close her door as you hear her say good night to Mr. Owl. And that's when you know you'll be making her that cute little owl cross stitch pattern as a pillow so she can keep Mr. Owl close to her at night.

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Pattern Information:

DMC colors:
Pattern Stitch Counts:
106 stitches (W) X 156 stitches (H)

Design size:

  • 11 count: 9.5" (W) X 14.1" (H)
  • 14 count: 7.5" (W) X 11.1" (H)
  • 18 count: 5.8" (W) X 8.6" (H)

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