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Cute Skull and Crossbones
Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

It's not easy to make a skull look cute yet menancing, but here it is - cutey skull the first.

A perfect pattern to make for your pirate princess. Stitch it on a wider piece of black fabric and let her own unique pirate flag fly proudly over her domain.

Your little cutie showing early signs of goth-ness? How about a cutey skull to tide her over. It would look darling as either a pillow, sweatshirt, t-shirt or bag...not to mention a framed print.

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Pattern Information:

DMC colors:
Pattern Stitch Counts:
201 stitches (W) X 205 stitches (H)

Design size:

  • 11 count: 18.2" (W) X 18.5" (H)
  • 14 count: 14.3" (W) X 14.6" (H)
  • 18 count: 11.1" (W) X 11.3" (H)

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